Experience Deep Forest Challenge

There’s nothing like it!

Deep Forest Challenge is more than just a zipline course, it’s a multifaceted, multi-level challenge course designed for people of all ages and abilities.

Deep Forest Challenge at Northwest Trek is made up of five exhilarating zip line/challenge courses, which run through Northwest Trek’s breathtaking tree canopy. Each course contains sections of zip line separated by barriers that must be walked over, climbed or crawled over, or clambered through. The challenges vary from course to course, including elements like swinging log bridges, bridges consisting of slatted steps spaced about two feet apart, cargo nets, balance beams, and tight ropes. No course is solely a harness-in-and-slide-along zip line; all require some mental toughness and physical agility. All are amazingly fun and completely fulfilling. It’s a wild adventure for the entire family!

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