“Dare to plunge into the great wilderness of the unknown! Grapple with the obstacles that will meet you there. Overcome these challenges, and emerge knowing just a little more about the uncharted territory that grows inside you.” – Anonymous

The story of Deep Forest Challenge began in Europe over 10 years ago. At that time, the concept of an aerial obstacle course was still in its infant stages with little recognition. But soon after, this began to change.

The idea began gaining significant momentum in the Alps. Vincent Perrier (one of the key players in Deep Forest Challenge) then fanned this flame when he established the company PLC and began to build courses for himself and others. Over the next decade, PLC established over 60 aerial obstacle courses across Europe, namely in France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, and Morocco.

Today, the adventure is spreading like wildfire to the western hemisphere, and our mission is to develop these courses, providing an affordable & safe adventure for families and individuals looking for a day of challenging, active fun from the northern reaches of Canada all the way down to the Magellan Strait!